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offshore company formation
Offshore Company formation
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Offshore company formation in UAE is rewarding with Tax-Efficient Strategies, business- friendly government policies, confidentiality, simplified reporting system and hassle-free administration.

Such a company is framed under the no tax jurisdiction law with the sole purpose of enhancing one's wealth management and reducing any kind of tax payment legally.

There are various reasons for offshore company incorporation UAE, with the primary reason being complete confidentiality over the financial matters and increase in wealth without interruption. Additionally, it allows offshore companies a chance to eliminate or cut down different types of tax payments such as Capital gains, Death duty, VAT, Profits on business earnings, and Property sales, etc.


There are main reasons for offshore company setup in UAE.

Taxation - Business can be structured so that profits are realized in ways that minimize their overall tax liability

Anonymity - The name of the underlying principal may be kept out of documentation by carrying out operations in the name of an offshore company

International trade - Offshore Company would be a good approach for those who want to do international business along with other investments

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Procedure on how to register offshore company in UAE

How to Register?

The completion of UAE Offshore registration can be done in two ways; over post as long as you provide all the required documents from you. Or alternatively, you can visit our office for signing the forms in personal and no verification for your signature would be required. Same time you would open an account in desired UAE Bank.

The basic required documents from you are: passport copy, utility bill, bank reference letter, CV. Express registration takes only 48 hours, while normally required period only 2-3 business days.

Through the offshore company formation within the UAE foreign investor will be provided with the main advantages of tax planning and stability of the tax legislation of the country. It is important to know, that UAE offshore company should manage the business abroad.

Foreigner could become the owner of the offshore company through the 3 authorities in the UAE, which are offering Offshore Company Formation: Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority, Ajman Free Zone Authority and International Corporate Center Ras Al Khaimah.



Embrace the infinite opportunities by setting up an international business company in one of the UAE Offshore free zones.

Business development team at ASEC excels at fastening the process, protecting assets and limiting liabilities for our clients, and takes care of entire company setup from start to finish.

 You shall contact us over telephone or e-mail sending us your short request that you wish to know on how to open an offshore company in UAE and specify if you wish to open offshore bank account in UAE or abroad and we would send you the complete procedure to follow. We guide in choosing the most effective corporate structure for your Offshore Company.

JAFZA Offshore company formation

If you’re looking for Dubai offshore company formation as a way out for your assets or for tax planning purposes, at Asec Investment Group we offer a wide range of services to assist you in the process of business setup. 

The incorporation of an offshore business is not always a straightforward or easy task. Setupzone specializes in taking care of the legal and document clearing side of the process.


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    They were very helpful in giving advice. My company registration was smooth and quick, that saved my time. A very big thank you from me and I would recommend to others.

    Shiv D.
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    The process for opening a new company was made very simple. The site is well organized and lot of help is available. I have contacted the customer service via email and got a very quick reply. I recommend this company and will be using it again in the future.

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    Company set up made easy with Asec Group services. Will no doubt use them again and would recommend them to anyone looking for a fast, efficient, hassle free way to set up a limited company and conform to all the necessary red tape

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    I was quite nervous and so the instructions being very helpful and simple to follow helped me through the process

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    Best experience possible. Cannot fault these guys in any way. All my questions/emails are responded to almost instantaneously; even out of hours contact gets a response as soon as they open for business. Faultless advice and instant assistance.

    Ali Q.
  • ASEC group was hired by our company to register our second FZ Company in Fujairah. Formation of the new company was simple, effective PRO services and visa assistance. Thank you.

    Wolfgang S.
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