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 Business Set-Up facility in UAE’s Eastern Coast .

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    "Since established in 2005; we’ve been helping entrepreneurs, start-ups and established businesses fulfill their dreams and turn ideas into reality. With affordable packages, a simple and straightforward process, plus the benefits of opening your new UAE business within 10 working days, our team of experienced specialists can start you on the road to success today. We can guide you through the process of securing a company trade license or updating your old one to cover your current business requirements. We offer exceptionally quick turn around on our services, perfect for small businesses looking to take advantage of a gap in the market. Why wait? Get started with your company trade license in the UAE today."

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With ultra-modern cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi it is well known that within recent years UAE has developed to be one of the most strategic centers of business events in The Middle East and international. We welcome you to join the ranks of successful venture capitalist that have benefited from taking along their company set up in UAE.

Let us take care of all the essential steps for your business setup in the UAE and deliver great results for your prospect profits, while you save time and your money for more important things in your life.

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Why Our Consulting


Our 5 Easy Steps to Register a Company!

  • Contact us for a Free Consultatione

    You can get in touch with us to order a free consultation hour

  • Select Your Company Type & Jurisdiction

    Asec has the expertise to help you select the best incorporation and jurisdiction options as per your need and submit documentation

  • Get Your Licence Quickly

    Quickly After the payment confirmation, we will process all the paperwork efficiently and systematically 

  • Bank Account Opening

    Asec helps you to find the best banking partner

  • Visa Processing & Stamping

    Finally, your residence visa will be processed and stamped by the relevant authorities

    Now you are OPEN FOR BUSINESS

Service Business
A bank account is definitely one of the most important requisites of starting a business. The UAE is home to various local and international banks that provide a wide range of services and facilities once you open a bank account. By opening a bank account in Dubai or any other Emirate for that matter, you get the option to open corporate & personal bank accounts for residents, bank accounts for non-residents, offshore bank account, fast and secure online banking, debit/credit cards, cheque books and locker facilities.
Rapid Solutions
While UAE offers a business friendly environment for foreign investments, you may not be familiar with the accounting system practiced in the country. Hence, a large number of foreign business acquire bookkeeping services to ensure that audits and compliance.
At Asec Investment Group, we provide a complete suite of accounting services to help all types of business maintain focus on their operations. With more than 12 years of experience in the UAE, our accounts are qualified to provide you with:
Solution Is Proposed
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a global leader in business and residence, where having an Emirates ID entitles you to engage in various lucrative opportunities. Getting a UAE residence visa means that you can avail tax exemptions, high standards of life, and excellent opportunities for business development backed by economic and political stability. At Asec Investment Group, we provide our clients with residency support to help them find their feet and start life in the UAE.

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  • Impressed
    They were very helpful in giving advice. My company registration was smooth and quick, that saved my time. A very big thank you from me and I would recommend to others.

    Shiv D.
  • Absolutely brilliant
    The process for opening a new company was made very simple. The site is well organized and lot of help is available. I have contacted the customer service via email and got a very quick reply. I recommend this company and will be using it again in the future.

    Sebastian K.
  • Quick & Easy
    Company set up made easy with Asec Group services. Will no doubt use them again and would recommend them to anyone looking for a fast, efficient, hassle free way to set up a limited company and conform to all the necessary red tape

    Andrey SH.
  • Competent and Friendly
    I was quite nervous and so the instructions being very helpful and simple to follow helped me through the process

    Anand Sh.
  • Incredibly easy
    Best experience possible. Cannot fault these guys in any way. All my questions/emails are responded to almost instantaneously; even out of hours contact gets a response as soon as they open for business. Faultless advice and instant assistance.

    Ali Q.
  • ASEC group was hired by our company to register our second FZ Company in Fujairah. Formation of the new company was simple, effective PRO services and visa assistance. Thank you.

    Wolfgang S.
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